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Monday, 3 October 2011

September in a glimpse...

It's October already?  Where did time go?  What a great September we've had together.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.  And now for your monthly treat, here's September in a glimpse...

Most Generous goes to Summerland Primary for allowing me to hold a bake sale for SPCA Cupcake Day at their school.  What a great turn out we had!

Most unique goes to these boxed mini cupcakes that went down a treat oh-too-quickly.

LOL (Labour of love)
DIY stuff I managed to squeeze into this busy caking month included the hanging floral lantern and paper bunting and also our Project Monogram.

Most blogged-about has to go to the Rugby World Cup (with a bit of league in there, too)!  You can find them here, here, here and here.

Best Day Out goes to our Fathers' Day here and here.  That was one awesome weekend!

Most birthdays celebrated goes to a busy month for our family with JR's thirtieth, Jan-Jan's and mine.

Most significant goes to my decision to switching from regular eggs to using only SPCA approved uncaged eggs.

Most proudest moment goes to the graduation cap to celebrate my friend's sister who graduated from University!  Well done!!  What a great accomplishment!

Most organised goes to my ribbony madness solution!  Ha, let's see how long I can maintain those pretty little things, hehe.

Most scrumptious goes to my red velvet cupcakes!  Talk about delish!  Mmm...

Most ARRRsome birthday cake has to go to Wacky's pirate ship!  What a fun cake that was to make!  And to top things off, what an arrrsome pirate party!!  Ahoy!!

Wow, can't believe we squeezed all that fun into one month!!  Let's hope this new month of October is just as fun (or even more)!  So stay with me as we continue our sweet journey into this world of caking and creating!  I hope you're as amped as I am!!

Blessings!  xo

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