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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fathers' Day 2011

I know, finally!  The Fathers' Day post I'd been wanting to post since LAST WEEK!  Thank you Broadband for being kind to me today!
...with Lui's side of the family, celebrated on Saturday 4/9/11
On the weekend Two weekends ago, we held a small get-together at my place to celebrate Fathers' Day with Lui's family, as well as his Aunty's birthday.  It was a lovely day!  All we did was eat, eat, oh and eat!  hehe.  So what did we have on the menu??  Let's see, shall we?

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And here is my hubby with his assorted bbqd meats - YUM!!
I made this cupcake tower for Lui's aunty's bday

I made this chocolate cake for all the Fathers at our little get-together.  I didn't have enough time to pipe a message on the cake, oops...
As for the decorations, see here for the details of my DIY bunting and hanging floral lantern.  :-)

...with just our little growing family, celebrated on the morning of Sunday 5/9/11
To start the day off, I made french toast and caramel latte for Lui's breakfast, then quickly wrapped up a little present for him from our three boys.

I had trouble cutting out the DAD from butter...my butter got too soft to work with, hehe.

An adorable moment I'm sooo glad to have captured.  Carlyle with his Daddy.
It has always been a mission trying to get everyone to be picture-ready - oh well!
It's nice to have stolen moments anyway xo
The boys' prezzie to their Daddy xo
Then we headed into town for lunch with my family, which then led to a stroll down the viaduct.  It was a beautiful day!  And let me tell ya, the viaduct looked sooo different with all the revamp they made in preparation for the Rugby World Cup!  Which I'd like to add is TODAY!! (Edit: I had written this last week, but since my internet was being sluggish, I couldn't post it til today).  Woohoo, just mentioning RWC gets me all excited!!!  Anyway, back to my post...lol.  My favourite part of the new look would have to be the giant benches.  If you don't know what I mean, then come back tomorrow for the continuation of my Fathers' Day 2011 post.  Loads of pics to share, so be sure to come back!

See you all soon!!


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