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Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Lolly!!

Happy Friday guys!  I hope you're all having a fantastic week, despite that scary storm we had in the middle to shake things up a bit.  It definitely kept my little boys and I up in the night that's for sure.  I'm just grateful it didn't put us in harms way as well as damage anything on our property.  However, I did witness a few road blocks and countless trees and power lines out of place on my way to dropping the kids off to school that morning.  I really hope you were all okay!

Today I will be sharing a Planes themed birthday cake I made last October for a sweet girl nicknamed Lolly.  I have been making cakes for this beautiful Princess for years now, and I always look forward to what theme I get.  This time Lolly's Mum Helen decided to opt for a buttercream iced cake {instead of the usual fondant-covered cakes she gets from me}.  I made it extra special by adding lots of girly sprinkles on the borders and topping it off with a handmade fondant Planes character, Rochelle.  I even made a custom logo with Lolly's name and age to really bring the theme to life!  I loved the final outcome!  I hope you do, too :-)

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend guys!!  See you back here next week!!


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