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Friday, 6 September 2013

June/July/August 2013 in a glimpse...

Whoa!  That was a mouthful of a title wasn't it?  But as you know, I get busy and don't always get on top of my posts, hence three months crammed into one!  And I didn't even get to post everything I wanted to in August, so September's gonna look pretty eventful.  More posts to read for you {YAY!}, and more typing for me {NAY!} :-P

Before we kick off this monthly glimpse, I'd like to officially welcome y'all to SPRING!!  Isn't the weather confusing, though?  One day it's hot, the next there's heavy rain and even hail!  No wonder I am sick at the mo :-(  So not likin' how I am right now, but what can ya do?  All my boys are finally back to good health, then I get sick.  Typical.  It always seems to be the way for us Mommas.  We can't get sick while others are sick, because we have to look after them.  I can't wait to be WELL again!  I'm giving this flu/head-cold/whatever-it-is til this weekend only, because I have lotsa plans this month!  And being sick isn't one of them!

Anyway, the main point of this post is to highlight what we got up to these past three months this winter.  Let's take a look shall we?

DIY: Rainbow Wall
Gjon's Chocaholic birthday
Jade's sweet thirteenth birthday
Ritchie's farewell cake
Ryan's 21st tyre birthday
DIY: Map Art
Katrina's Umizoomi Milli 4th birthday {Part 1}
Katrina's Princess Sofia the First 4th birthday {Part 2}
Amber-Rose's Gatsby-inspired 21st birthday cupcake tower
Well, there ya have it guys!  I can't wait to get into September!  There are some pretty cool cakes and plenty of DIY goodies coming your way, so stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!