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Friday, 30 November 2012


Keepin' it short and sweet today guys!!  Just wanted to share some cupcakes with you that I've made recently...vanilla with {fresh} strawberry buttercream and red velvet with whipped cream cheese!  Two of my personal favourites xo  And they are both available at my Christmas Cupcakes Special!!  So, if you live in Auckland, or have loved ones that live here, then be sure to grab a box {or two} to add something sweet this Christmas!!  Just a reminder that I only use cage-free SPCA approved eggs in all my baking, so you're also making a difference when buying any of my baked goods!!  How awesome is that?

Have a fantastic Friday guys!!  See you back here next week!!  {Can you believe it's December tomorrow??  Exciting!!!}


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Eleanor {part 2}

Good Monday Thursday everyone!!  {Yes, I originally planned for this post to go out Monday morning, but due to a few technical problems, it was delayed to today}.  Anyway!!  I am excited to share with you the third cake {within two weeks} I got to make for the lovely Moka.  This cake is for her {very lucky} niece, Eleanor.  You're probably thinking, didn't she already make that Fifi cake for this girl last week?  Well, yes I did, but Moka wanted a second cake for their second celebration {this time with Eleanor's friends}.  I really loved making this cake!!  I hope you like it, too x

Although you can't see it clearly on the photos, this cake is very sparkly, because what's a Tinkerbell cake without her fairy dust, right?

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Have a wonderful Thursday!!


P.S. They are filming {again} on our street today!  The last time we had deers walking along our street, today we have cars.  I swear this street is so famous!!  If you've been to my place, you can agree it looks just like Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane.  Don't think I'm allowed to reveal what they're filming for, but it's pretty cool!!  Whole street is blocked off from 7am-6pm. :-D 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Sebastian!!

Yesterday was my cousin Sebastian's twelfth birthday.  A big group of us {pretty much the whole family} went to see Madagascar at the movies, then had BK for dinner afterwards.  The movie was so cool and the fact that we had the whole theatre to ourselves made it even cooler!!

Because everything was kind of planned in the last minute, I only {and barely} had time to whip up a simple birthday cake.  Seb loves Call of Duty {it's a game} and so I asked his older sister Criselda for some ideas and links to different images I could use as inspiration to get started.  Time was very limited, so I decided to just make the logo "MW3" {which stands for Modern Warfare 3}.  Even this took too much time {lol}!!  But I am glad I included it anyway because it was something  Seb happily recognised immediately :-)

A very simple last-minute cake that got sniffed within seconds after Seb blew out his birthday candles {as in actually!!!}

And here's Javs "in action" as soon as he discovered the birthday cake...lol...

Our fambam at the movies!  That's not everyone by the way! :-)

Well, there you have it!  A simple but still-pretty-cool birthday cake!!  Hope you enjoyed this post!!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for some cupcakes!!  Nom nom nom...


Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Eleanor!!

Good Monday everyone!!  I trust you all had a lovely weekend?  I sure did, even in its ca-razy busy-ness!

Now, remember the Lion King themed birthday cake I made on Thursday?  Well, that was the first of three cakes I'm making for one of my most loyal clients, Moka, who's been keeping me busy in the past week with her fun cake requests.  Today's cake is the second of the series {lol} and the third is coming  at the end of this week, so be sure to stay tuned!!

Let me present, Eleanor's "Fifi & the flower tots" themed birthday cake!!  {Thanks to Instagram for the photos!!  My poor Canon is still unwell, so my phone will have to do for the remainder of this year.  If you'd like to buy me a new camera, I will GLADLY bake you a cake!!  Hehe}.  Enjoy x

And here's a progress shot of Fifi herself...

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Can't wait to show you the third one later this week!!  Have a sweet day and see you back here tomorrow!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Hunter!!

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba...
Sithi uhm ingonyama

Like my intro?  It's the actual Zulu words from the Lion King intro song {yes, I googled it because trying to work out how to spell the words is just too much for my sleepy brain today, hehe}.  I am sooo excited to share today's cake feature!  I made it yesterday for my friend Moka, who by the way has been one of my most loyal clients since I first started caking!  I swear she's so wonderful and always keeps challenging me with new themes for her very lucky nieces and nephews.  Today's cake is for her nephew Hunter.  She is travelling to Taupo {by bus} with his cake, so fingers crossed there aren't too many bumps along the way!

Moka originally asked for a farm theme, then changed it to Lion King, featuring Simba.  She didn't say what she wanted, so I really enjoyed sketching out ideas and seeing which one would be the best.  I think what I came up with was pretty cool!  Hope ya like it!!

And here are some close ups of the details.  The silhouettes took forever to cut out, but totally worth it!!

And here's a progress pic of the tree silhouette...

And different angles of the cake...

Hope you liked today's cake feature!!  Got more in store for you next week guys, so stay tuned!!


By the way, a big congratulations {again} to Pauline and Angelica {winners of my Pinkalicious October event for The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation}.  They get these yummy chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting today!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fabulous Fifty!!

Today I am going to share with you the second cake I made on the weekend.  Yesterday you saw the first cake I made - a fun cake for Caylan's 2nd birthday!  Today, you'll be seeing a 'fabulous' cake for my friend Nix's Mum's 50th.

Now, Nix contacted me a while ago regarding what she wanted for her Mum's 50th birthday cake.  The theme was 'Fabulous Fifty" and she wanted to incorporate the colours purple, silver and black.  She also mentioned that her Mum loves doodling daisies.  From all the info. I gathered from her, I was able to come up with something pretty cool and {hopefully} fabulous!!

Here it is, without further ado, the FABULOUS FIFTY!!  Enjoy!!

Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling covered in chocolate ganache!! 

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Can't wait to share many more with you...I have an engagement this weekend so looking forward to sharing that with you next week!!  Will also be sharing some Christmas crafts in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!

Have a thoughtful Tuesday!!


Monday, 5 November 2012

The Amazing World of Caylan!!

Last weekend I worked on two cakes, one for Friday night and one for Saturday morning.  It was definitely crunch time for me, which meant two sleepless nights in a row.  I was exhausted but sooo relieved I got them both done!!  Today, I am thrilled to share with you the first cake I made {Friday's one} for my friend Carissa's daughter's 2nd birthday.  You may remember Carissa?  I made her frangipani wedding cake earlier this year.  So, when she contacted me to make her another cake, I was over the moon excited because this particular theme was sooo much fun!!  

Presenting the character Anais, from the cartoon "The Amazing World of Gumball"!! Enjoy!! 
{Pictures courtesy of Instagram}.

Inside we have Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream filling and frosting!!  Yum-oh!!
And here are some more pics {progress & details} for you to enjoy x
Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Come back tomorrow to see the second cake I made on the weekend, this time for a 50th birthday!!  Have a lovely Monday!!