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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Eleanor {part 2}

Good Monday Thursday everyone!!  {Yes, I originally planned for this post to go out Monday morning, but due to a few technical problems, it was delayed to today}.  Anyway!!  I am excited to share with you the third cake {within two weeks} I got to make for the lovely Moka.  This cake is for her {very lucky} niece, Eleanor.  You're probably thinking, didn't she already make that Fifi cake for this girl last week?  Well, yes I did, but Moka wanted a second cake for their second celebration {this time with Eleanor's friends}.  I really loved making this cake!!  I hope you like it, too x

Although you can't see it clearly on the photos, this cake is very sparkly, because what's a Tinkerbell cake without her fairy dust, right?

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Have a wonderful Thursday!!


P.S. They are filming {again} on our street today!  The last time we had deers walking along our street, today we have cars.  I swear this street is so famous!!  If you've been to my place, you can agree it looks just like Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane.  Don't think I'm allowed to reveal what they're filming for, but it's pretty cool!!  Whole street is blocked off from 7am-6pm. :-D 

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