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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

...is soon approaching!!  Proudly supporting The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation {NZBCF}, Jackie's Creations presents...


Please show your support by purchasing some pinkalicious cupcakes from me.  ONE-THIRD of your purchase will go towards the NZBCF!!  How awesome is that?

If you would like more details {such as how to order & what flavours are on offer}, visit the event on facebook or send me an email or text.

Come on guys and gals, let's make a difference, one pinkalicious cupcake at a time!!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Sophia's baptism!!

Last weekend, my friend Moyra's youngest daughter Sophia had her baptism.  Moyra requested a cake from me while she was in Oz a couple of months back.  At first she didn't really know exactly what she wanted so I suggested for her to browse online and save the images of the ones she liked.  After doing so, she sent me a collection of different images she gathered.  The main ideas I got were the colours pink and white.  She liked the idea of incorporating a cross and flowers, too.  Although she had some favourites, she pretty much left me with full design control - so long as I incorporated the colours pink and white, as well as "God bless Sophia" on the cake.

I was really excited to make this cake because it's pink and girly!!  Girl cakes are still a novelty to me, as I get a huge amount of cake requests for boys.  So, using the colour pink is a rare occurrence :-)  Moyra not only wanted a cake, she also wanted three dozen cupcakes - chocolate, red velvet surprise, and vanilla bean.  Yum!!

So, without further ado, here is Sophia's baptism cake and cupcakes!!  Enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed today's cake and cupcakes feature!!  Have a beautiful Monday!!


Here's a lovely message I received from Moyra after the baptism:

Hi Jackie... It's the end of the day now and all have left for home. Thank you so so very much for the beautiful yummy gorgeous cakes and cupcakes. There were so many compliments from everyone. I have emailed your Facebook contacts to a few people so that's just awesome. Thank you again you are amazing.


You are very welcome Moyra!!  Thank you for choosing me to be part of such a joyous and memorable occasion!!  xo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Happy Birthday JR!!

On Sunday we celebrated my older brother JR's birthday.  We had yum cha for lunch at North Sea Restaurant in Albany, then headed back to his place for cupcakes!!  Banoffee cupcakes!!  Now, the first batch of banana cupcakes I baked looked a little strange...and wrinkly...see the pic below...
 I wondered why it looked that way because it had been baking for almost 20 minutes already.  Then I did the taste test and soon discovered that I forgot to add the sugar in the batter!!!  UUGGHHHH!!  I was SOOOO ANNOYED at myself because it meant that I had to redo the cupcakes and we were already pressed for time!!!  So, I whipped up another batch as quickly as I could.  This next batch didn't have as many bananas, but still pretty good.
Ahhh!!  That's more like it!!  No more wrinkly cupcakes!!  I stuck these babies in the freezer to speed up the cooling process, and while that was happening, I made some of my signature Pollock-inspired chocolate for garnish.
Only had enough time for one dozen

Boxed and ready to go!!

The birthday boy about to blow out his candle :-)
 See more pics after the break!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy 30th birthday Max!!

Hey peeps!!  How was your weekend?  Hope you all had a wonderful time!!  It was my older brother's birthday yesterday and we had an amazing time eating yum cha and chillin' with family.  Will show you the cupcakes I made for him in the next post!  Right now I'd like to share with you a gluten-free chocolate cake I made for my friend Angelica, who was desperately looking for a birthday cake for her boyfriend.  She only contacted me days before she needed the cake, and she told me that the last time she bought a gluten-free chocolate cake was not a very pleasant experience.  She said they always struggle finding gluten-free anything.  Just as well, I had worked with gluten-free as well as egg-less cakes before for a little girl who's allergic to both, so having had this experience really helped.  Of course, I couldn't say no to her request, even though it was very short notice, I really wanted to help her out.

She looked through my cake gallery and found a couple that she liked.  She wanted me to incorporate this particular sprinkles from one cake, and this flag with the age and name from another.  The colour of the sprinkles have a personal meaning between her and her boyfriend, so that's why she had to have them on the cake.  I really didn't have time to take a photo with daylight {as I worked in the night and the cake was collected the following morning}.  So, the following pics were taken in the night with my phone.  Just as well, my current phone takes pretty decent pictures :-)

So, without further ado, here's Max's gluten-free birthday cake!  Enjoy!!

And here's a 'before' shot...
Notice anything different?  Nope?  It's pretty subtle, so I don't think many would notice, but this cake tapers at the bottom...see it?  Usually, my cakes are flat and even on the sides, but I wanted to try something different on this one, and I think I like it!!  For some reason, it makes the cake look bigger, too...or maybe it's just my tired eyes seeing things, hehe.  Anyway, I like it!!

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Have an awesome day!!


I received this pretty cool text from Angelica and just had to share it with you:
Hey hun, just wanna let u know that everyone loved your cake! My friend Halley is super picky about her food and she said your cake is the best gluten free cake she ever had, and she wants ur recipe! Haha! Thanks heaps, hope the rest of your weekend goes good! Xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY stripes for a mime!!

This week has been pretty full on at my oldest son's school {Summerland Primary}.  They had their production {Cinderella Circus} running all week.  My poor Jubs is so exhausted but we are sooo proud of him for always putting on his best performance!!  Seeing him perform puts the biggest smile on my face because it is one of the things I'm so passionate about!

Cinderella Circus is such a fun story that is made up of so many wonderful acts!!  One of the acts is the MIME scene {which Jubs is in}, and because schools are always working on a tight budget, we had to get creative!!  Megan {one of the teachers in charge, and also a friend of mine} and I decided to use masking tape and black spray paint to create these striped shirts.  The taping part was very time-consuming, and me being a bit of a perfectionist, I just couldn't resist getting all the corners just right {which meant cutting all sorts of angles just so they fit perfectly and not overlap - LOL}.  I also placed old {flattened} cereal boxes underneath the shirts to protect the inside...not that you could see it anyway, but that's just how I roll!!  Here are some progress shots for you to check out!!  I will post up some pics of the actual show next week!!  So stay tuned!!

 Hope you enjoyed today's DIY post...I know it has been a while since my last project, but now that the sun is shining you'll definitely be seeing more projects here - so stay tuned  AND thanks for your patience!!!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Seth Isaac!!

You know how I was really busy last weekend with cakes and cupcakes?  Well, today's cake feature is one of two cakes I worked on almost at the same time...well, one after the other, no sleep breaks in between!!  The Chanel {II} cake featured yesterday was for Friday, and this one here was for Saturday...plus a million cupcakes for both Friday and Saturday to celebrate Father's Day 2012!!  Thank God for giving me the strength to get it all done, because if I tried to rely on my own strength I know I couldn't have accomplished it all!!  Like most times, I fully relied on Phil.4:13 to keep me going!  It's my absolute top favourite verse ever!!  I also accompanied that with a bit of Beyonce, Bruno Mars, plus a recently-introduced iced coffee {Mammoth} thanks to my sissy-in-law Ruthie.

Anyway, 'nuff said!!  Here's the MIGHTY THOR {Thunder God} themed cake I made for Seth Isaac's 1st Avengers Birthday!!  Enjoy!!

Ya gotta have the red cape if you're doing a Thor cake :-)

Plus his awesome armour and weapon :-)

Happy 1st Birthday Seth Isaac!!

Here are a couple of pics I took with my phone's retro app at the party...can you see the big kid that couldn't resist getting her face painted?  hehehe...good times!!
Captain America and Iron Man :-)

The original Hawk Eye :-)

Hope you all enjoyed today's cake feature!!  I had so much fun creating this Thor cake!!  Hope to do it again soon!!  Have an awesome day!!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Happy Birthday Jordyn!!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of recreating a cake that I've done in the past - my Chanel cake.  To make it even more special to the birthday girl Jordyn, I decided not to do an exact replica of my original one, so that she knows this is 'her cake'.

I managed to take some pics while there was still daylight, but unfortunately the collection was that evening so by the time I completed the cake, it was already very dark.  I prefer to take photographs using natural light, so the final pictures for this cake didn't turn out as well as I hoped...but never mind, you get the idea!!  :-)

Hope you all enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Come back tomorrow to see an Avengers themed 1st birthday cake!!  Can't wait!!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012!!

So, it was Father's Day on Sunday!!  I had the pleasure of making some yummy cupcakes for many fathers out there, including my awesome hubby, Dad and brothers!  Big thanks to all those lovely Mums who ordered half-a-dozen/dozen cupcakes from me for this special occasion!  I felt honoured and blessed to be part of your families' special day :-)  And it was good to know that you all enjoyed your cupcakes xo

Here are some cupcake highlights, along with some awesome feedback!!  Enjoy!!

Red Velvet Surprise xo

Special 'Pollock-inspired' Red Velvet Surprise cupcakes for Terence :-)

Vanilla bean roses xo

Chocolate overload - pure chocolate goodness xo

A very popular cupcake flavour this Father's Day - the delightful Banoffee xo

Hand-written and stamped.  'B' is for Banoffee xo.

'R' is for Red Velvet xo 

Half dozens ready to be collected xo

Dozens ready to be collected and enjoyed on Father's Day xo

But not all these cupcakes made it on Father's Day...they were consumed the day before!!!  lol

These were specially boxed and stamped {double} cupcakes for my Dad and brothers xo

And this half dozen assorted box was for my love - the Daddy of my three kings xo

Love you babe!!  Happy {yummy} Father's Day!!  xo
 Hope you all enjoyed our Father's Day 2012 cupcakes highlights!!  Stay tuned for more yummy creations all week!!