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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012!!

So, it was Father's Day on Sunday!!  I had the pleasure of making some yummy cupcakes for many fathers out there, including my awesome hubby, Dad and brothers!  Big thanks to all those lovely Mums who ordered half-a-dozen/dozen cupcakes from me for this special occasion!  I felt honoured and blessed to be part of your families' special day :-)  And it was good to know that you all enjoyed your cupcakes xo

Here are some cupcake highlights, along with some awesome feedback!!  Enjoy!!

Red Velvet Surprise xo

Special 'Pollock-inspired' Red Velvet Surprise cupcakes for Terence :-)

Vanilla bean roses xo

Chocolate overload - pure chocolate goodness xo

A very popular cupcake flavour this Father's Day - the delightful Banoffee xo

Hand-written and stamped.  'B' is for Banoffee xo.

'R' is for Red Velvet xo 

Half dozens ready to be collected xo

Dozens ready to be collected and enjoyed on Father's Day xo

But not all these cupcakes made it on Father's Day...they were consumed the day before!!!  lol

These were specially boxed and stamped {double} cupcakes for my Dad and brothers xo

And this half dozen assorted box was for my love - the Daddy of my three kings xo

Love you babe!!  Happy {yummy} Father's Day!!  xo
 Hope you all enjoyed our Father's Day 2012 cupcakes highlights!!  Stay tuned for more yummy creations all week!!


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