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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Happy Birthday JR!!

On Sunday we celebrated my older brother JR's birthday.  We had yum cha for lunch at North Sea Restaurant in Albany, then headed back to his place for cupcakes!!  Banoffee cupcakes!!  Now, the first batch of banana cupcakes I baked looked a little strange...and wrinkly...see the pic below...
 I wondered why it looked that way because it had been baking for almost 20 minutes already.  Then I did the taste test and soon discovered that I forgot to add the sugar in the batter!!!  UUGGHHHH!!  I was SOOOO ANNOYED at myself because it meant that I had to redo the cupcakes and we were already pressed for time!!!  So, I whipped up another batch as quickly as I could.  This next batch didn't have as many bananas, but still pretty good.
Ahhh!!  That's more like it!!  No more wrinkly cupcakes!!  I stuck these babies in the freezer to speed up the cooling process, and while that was happening, I made some of my signature Pollock-inspired chocolate for garnish.
Only had enough time for one dozen

Boxed and ready to go!!

The birthday boy about to blow out his candle :-)
 See more pics after the break!!

Make a wish!!

Nom nom nom...

With Mum xo

Although blurry, this pic is too cute not to share.  My nephew Jaden eating his banoffee cupcake :-)

Happy birthday brother!!  xo
 Hope you enjoyed today's cupcake feature!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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