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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Ava!

Finally catching up on my posts!  So much has happened that all the blogging has been neglected put aside.  But, I'm gonna try my best to give you something each week...fingers crossed :-P

Today's cake feature was from back in August!  I know!  {Don't judge me :-D}

I made it for my wonderful neighbours Adam and Rad's daughter, Ava, who turned the big 5!  The cake was inspired by a paper plate!  Here are some pics for you to enjoy xo.

Some lovely details xo
And here's the beautiful Ava with her cake!  Happy fairy five Ava!

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  It's been a long time coming, I know, but I'm just glad I finally got to share it with you!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

SHARE THE LOVE for typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines...

A little can go a long way!  Why not dig into your pockets and donate towards a wonderful cause.  To learn more about this fundraiser, you can check out our event on facebook by clicking here.  Let's keep sharing the LOVE and watch it GROW!


Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Love Movement

As you may have heard and seen in the news, super typhoon Haiyan {Yolanda} hit Philippines last Friday.  It has killed over 10,000 people, and has left so many more without the basic necessities, such as shelter, power, food, water, and medicine, just to name a few.  Being a Filipino myself, it really broke my heart to see and hear about what my people are going through right now.  I couldn't and still can't even fathom it.  And I felt so helpless...until...

...a lovely friend of mine, Krishna Marinas, has put a {personal} fundraiser together called The Love Movement.  Philippines is also home to her, and she wanted to come up with a practical way to help those who need it most, and now you can, too!  This event is happening tonight at Conch {Ponsonby, Auckland} from 5pm-8pm.  Check out the poster below for all the details.

Krishna was also invited to speak at 3 News Live this morning, where she shared why she started this movement and what she'll be doing with all the funds raised.  If you'd like to see this video, click on this link.

I really hope you can make it tonight!  If not, there are other ways you can donate.  Just go to The Love Movement on facebook for all the details.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that there's going to be a spectacular raffle tonight?  Some AHHHHMAZING prizes to be won, so don't miss out!!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, 6 September 2013

June/July/August 2013 in a glimpse...

Whoa!  That was a mouthful of a title wasn't it?  But as you know, I get busy and don't always get on top of my posts, hence three months crammed into one!  And I didn't even get to post everything I wanted to in August, so September's gonna look pretty eventful.  More posts to read for you {YAY!}, and more typing for me {NAY!} :-P

Before we kick off this monthly glimpse, I'd like to officially welcome y'all to SPRING!!  Isn't the weather confusing, though?  One day it's hot, the next there's heavy rain and even hail!  No wonder I am sick at the mo :-(  So not likin' how I am right now, but what can ya do?  All my boys are finally back to good health, then I get sick.  Typical.  It always seems to be the way for us Mommas.  We can't get sick while others are sick, because we have to look after them.  I can't wait to be WELL again!  I'm giving this flu/head-cold/whatever-it-is til this weekend only, because I have lotsa plans this month!  And being sick isn't one of them!

Anyway, the main point of this post is to highlight what we got up to these past three months this winter.  Let's take a look shall we?

DIY: Rainbow Wall
Gjon's Chocaholic birthday
Jade's sweet thirteenth birthday
Ritchie's farewell cake
Ryan's 21st tyre birthday
DIY: Map Art
Katrina's Umizoomi Milli 4th birthday {Part 1}
Katrina's Princess Sofia the First 4th birthday {Part 2}
Amber-Rose's Gatsby-inspired 21st birthday cupcake tower
Well, there ya have it guys!  I can't wait to get into September!  There are some pretty cool cakes and plenty of DIY goodies coming your way, so stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gatsby-inspired 21st Birthday Cupcakes

Before I wrote this post, I wanted to get into the right head space...in this case, I needed to bust out some moves to Fergie's "A little party never killed nobody {all we got}".  Fun times...hehehe.

Anyway, today I am excited to share with you a Gatsby-inspired cupcake tower I created earlier this month for the beautiful Amber-rose.  I think it's such a fun 21st birthday theme, definitely a great way to go crazy on pearls and bling and anything glam!!  Maybe an idea for my 30th next year?  We'll see...

Amber-rose's Mum was actually the one who contacted me and told me about the birthday theme, so I was so excited to get working!  I created everything from the cupcakes to the toppers.  It was labour-some but fun, and the end result - so worth it!  Here's how she looked!  Enjoy xo

Let's check her out from the top, shall we?

I just love how the acrylic tier stand makes this whole thing look classy!  So worth investing in one!

Some of the cupcake had toppers with Amber-rose's initials and age...and some had fun tassle flags.

Here are the cupcakes packed up and ready to go...

Cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate ganache center and fluffy vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and red velvet with a light whipped cream cheese frosting.  Nom nom nom!!

I hope you enjoyed today's SECOND post!  And, nothing related, but just cute to share.  Since I started writing this up this morning I had my boy Carlyle on my lap.  He is very clingy to Mummy today.  I love it but my leg is dead...hahaha.  And now enters Javier.  Definitely not gonna be able to use my legs today.  LOL.

Have an awesome day guys!!  See you back here tomorrow with maybe another double post!


Katrina's Princess Sofia Birthday {Part 2}

Hello!  I'm back.  I know I left you with a promise that I would return with Katrina's second birthday cake when I showed you her first one last week, but blogging gets neglected when much more important matters come up.  My boys have been unwell {and are still unwell but waaaay better than a few days ago}, so blogging was definitely out of the question.  Of course, in my down time {which I had very little of} I managed to squeeze in some DIY projects that I'll share with you next month.  My aim for now is to clear my back log of things to post for the months of June/July/August.  I'm getting there...let's hope I get heaps done before the weekend!  That'll all depend on my boys' progress.

Anyway, back to Katrina's second birthday cake!  As already mentioned, her first birthday cake I shared with you last week was Umizoomi's Milli!  Today, I am happy to introduce Katrina's second birthday cake - my {second} Princess Sofia the First cake!  The first time I made this Princess Sofia the First cake was in April this year, for a sweet girl named Emma.  It's always scary trying to recreate something, because my cakes really are just one-offs.  Surely, there's no way I could exactly replicate another one of my cakes, but I definitely wasn't gonna say no to trying!  I think in some ways, the second one is even better!  Or the same?  Well, definitely not worse, so I'm glad.  

Here she is.  Enjoy xo

 And for some lovely details and angles...

And a progress shot just for fun...

 I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  I'll do my best to get you some cupcakes tomorrow, Gatsby style!  Til then, have a safe and wonderful Thursday!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Katrina's Umizoomi Milli Birthday {Part 1}

Last month I had the pleasure of making not one but TWO cakes for a very lucky girl named Katrina.  She turned four and her aunt Moka always buys not one but at least TWO cakes for her very lucky nieces and nephews, no matter what age they turn.  I wish she was my aunt, hehe.

Anyway, the first cake I'm gonna share with you is Katrina's Umizoomi Milli birthday cake.  Like a lot of my {girly} cake requests, I have NO CLUE what or who the characters are.  So, I turn to my good friend Google :-)

So, without further ado, here's my cake version of Milli.  Hope ya like it!
{Note: I ended up finishing the cake in the evening so my lighting was poor...:-(}

And here are some progress shots...
Chocolaty haven...nom nom nom

I hope you liked today's cake feature!  Come back tomorrow for Katrina's second birthday cake!  Have a gray great day!!