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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happy 30th Birthday Pearl!

A couple of months ago my dear cousin Pearl turned 30!  Her hubby organised a surprise birthday party for her, and of course that included cake!  I wanted this 30th birthday cake to be extra special, so I came up with a design that fused her love of the Bulldogs and glamour.  I wanted to incorporate the Bulldogs shield but not make the overall cake too masculine.  I decided some 'pearls' on the cake would help with this {pun intended}, as well as some other feminine finishes.  I really loved the final outcome, and best of all, so did she :-)  And everything was edible so HOORAY!!

Please excuse the quality of the pics...I had no time nor good lighting at the venue!  I'm just glad I got to snap at least a couple of shots for my own record!
Pearl giving the cake two thumbs up! :-D
And for your treat, here's a little peek at my progress...
Painting progress of my bulldog :-)

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  I will do my best to keep 'em coming your way!  Aiming for at least a couple posts a week.  Thanks for sticking around!  You guys are the best!  :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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