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Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Lolly!!

Happy Friday guys!  I hope you're all having a fantastic week, despite that scary storm we had in the middle to shake things up a bit.  It definitely kept my little boys and I up in the night that's for sure.  I'm just grateful it didn't put us in harms way as well as damage anything on our property.  However, I did witness a few road blocks and countless trees and power lines out of place on my way to dropping the kids off to school that morning.  I really hope you were all okay!

Today I will be sharing a Planes themed birthday cake I made last October for a sweet girl nicknamed Lolly.  I have been making cakes for this beautiful Princess for years now, and I always look forward to what theme I get.  This time Lolly's Mum Helen decided to opt for a buttercream iced cake {instead of the usual fondant-covered cakes she gets from me}.  I made it extra special by adding lots of girly sprinkles on the borders and topping it off with a handmade fondant Planes character, Rochelle.  I even made a custom logo with Lolly's name and age to really bring the theme to life!  I loved the final outcome!  I hope you do, too :-)

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend guys!!  See you back here next week!!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sharks birthday!!

Earlier this year I had such a blast making a super cool sharks themed birthday cake for Sarah.  Normally I get requests like this for kids birthdays, but this one was for an adult!   Sarah wanted her birthday cake to be enjoyed by her own kids :-)  I thought this was such a thoughtful idea and perfectly suited for the pool party they were having!

Here are some pics for you all to enjoy! :-)

I definitely LOVED this cake!!  I enjoyed sculpting all the edible details.  Can't wait to make another one like it!  Anyone interested? ;-P

Hopefully I get to share a couple more cakes with you this week!  I still have a lot to share with you all :-)  Until then, have a terrific Tuesday!!


Friday, 6 June 2014

Vintage Rose Wedding

Late last year I had the pleasure of making a small and simple wedding cake for a lovely older couple.  Frances {the bride-to-be} had been looking for somebody to make her wedding cake.  Although we didn't know each other, we were brought together by her hairstylist, who happened to be my sister-in-law's boss whom I had previously made a cake for.  She really loved the birthday cake I made for her son that she was more than happy to promote my work to Frances...soonafter that I received a call and it was just meant to be :-)  Frances and I never met in person, but communicated regularly via phone and email.  I was really excited for this order because it was going to be my first single tiered wedding cake.  The challenge for this cake was to incorporate the right elements to make it stand out whilst keeping it simple and elegant.

Frances didn't really know what design she wanted, however she knew what colours she wanted to incorporate on the cake.  Her wedding dress was the inspiration for the final design of this cake - white lace with a dusky pink underslip.  I translated this by creating a white cake with an applique of fondant leaves to resemble lace, dusky pink roses with gilded edges as a focal point, and finishing it off with a simple beaded pearl border.  I must say, I was really pleased with how the cake turned out.  It was elegant and beautiful, just like her dress.  I hope you like it!

Click after the break to see more photos...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happy 30th Birthday Pearl!

A couple of months ago my dear cousin Pearl turned 30!  Her hubby organised a surprise birthday party for her, and of course that included cake!  I wanted this 30th birthday cake to be extra special, so I came up with a design that fused her love of the Bulldogs and glamour.  I wanted to incorporate the Bulldogs shield but not make the overall cake too masculine.  I decided some 'pearls' on the cake would help with this {pun intended}, as well as some other feminine finishes.  I really loved the final outcome, and best of all, so did she :-)  And everything was edible so HOORAY!!

Please excuse the quality of the pics...I had no time nor good lighting at the venue!  I'm just glad I got to snap at least a couple of shots for my own record!
Pearl giving the cake two thumbs up! :-D
And for your treat, here's a little peek at my progress...
Painting progress of my bulldog :-)

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  I will do my best to keep 'em coming your way!  Aiming for at least a couple posts a week.  Thanks for sticking around!  You guys are the best!  :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pearl Wedding Cake

Hi guys!  I'm baaack!  I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the Queen's birthday :-)  I had a lovely time with my family this long weekend, and I hope you did, too.  I know my last post was a very distant time ago {November 28, 2013 to be exact}, but trust me when I say that I have been here all along.  I have sooo many cakes and DIY projects I want to share with you that's just been sitting in my archives!  Life just kept getting busier and busier for me so keeping you all updated through my blog just became too much of a battle, which was why it came to a temporary halt.  So much has happened since my last post, and I plan on sharing them with you as I slowly get back into it...I will try :-D

Today, I am excited to show you a wedding cake I made a couple of months ago for a beautiful couple, Kerri and Hugh.  They wanted a two-tiered white cake {flavours white chocolate mud and lemon} with lots of pearl detailing.  There were hundreds of pearls I had to 'glue' onto this cake individually, and let me tell ya, that was no easy feat!!  Let's just say I had to go to the mall and get a neck/shoulder/arm massage because that's how sore I was after that!!  But it was truly worth it in the end.  What I ended up with was a beautiful and elegant looking wedding cake!  It was definitely something I was very proud of and was excited to give to the bride and groom.

So, without further ado, here is 'Pearl'.  Enjoy!

And here are some stunning professional photographs Kerri gave me and some kind words she shared...

Kerri Dewe, wedding 8 March 2014

"I had spent a bit of time going back and forth with Jackie on email (she was very accommodating!) and was really looking forward to seeing how our finished design was going to look.  I was very impressed with the finished product - I think it looked amazing and absolutely in the style we had discussed.  Best thing, it tasted just as good as it looked!!  Two different flavours, and both fantastic.  It really was a big cake (yes, it is all cake!), and I was sure that we would have heaps left over, as though we had a set menu, we had a big dessert buffet (as my husband Hugh is a huge sweet tooth - I also arranged Mr Whippy at the ceremony to tide him over until dinner!).  But it was so good that I had a small piece on the night, and Hugh completely missed out - completely devoured!  Thankfully my family had saved a piece for my grandmother who was unable to travel to Auckland, so he managed to share some of Nana's piece and have some of his own wedding cake.

Beautiful Jackie, thanks again."

You are very welcome Kerri and Hugh!  It was my pleasure making this cake for you.  Thank you for choosing me to be part of your special day :-)

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  I can't wait to share many more with you soon!

Have a toasty Tuesday!!