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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rainbow Cake

On April 29 we held a special celebration for my twins' 'supposedly' 2nd birthday.  They were born almost 3 months premature due to a disease of the placenta called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (or TTTS).  Long story short, we were told by doctors and specialists that they had a very slim chance of surviving and that termination was one of the best options to consider given the circumstances.  It was such a battle to get them here, but through faith and prayers, we have two gorgeous identical boys - our miracle survivors Javier and Carlyle!  April 29 was their expected due date, and so my husband Lui and I, and of course our eldest son Javaughn, thought it would be such a great idea to hold a small celebration on this day each year to remind us of how blessed we are to have two more healthy miracle boys.

This is what inspired me to do a rainbow cake, because it really portrays our story - after every storm there is a always a rainbow.  I stumbled upon this cake on one of my favourite bloggers Sweetapolita, who stumbled upon it on Whisk Kid's blog.  It truly is a 'super epic rainbow cake' as the Whisk Kid calls it.  Hope you enjoy these pictures I took the day after the celebration.  Sorry for the small slice, but that's all I had left!  This gave me a chance to explore the endless photographic possibilities using my Canon EOS 1000D with a very humble EFS 18-55mm lens.  I really would love a macro lens right now (apparently a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens is a sweet investment)!!!  I hope my dear husband isn't reading this... hehehe.

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I loved taking pics of this cake with some of my boys' toys.  How fun!!

I love how the colours are reflected onto the gateux fork.  Such beauty!  (Oh and look at that tiny purple crumb!)

Uh-oh, one of the cake monsters is here!!

Thanks Javier!  Just as I was getting into it!  hehehe

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  1. epic rainbow cake it's the bomb. love it!
    you are a true artist! you inspire me and my little brother. so thanks. you rock!