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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Baubles baubles {Part One}

Today I am excited to share some craftivities with you perfect for Christmas!!  They are simple to do and sooo much fun to make!  Plus, they look awesomely great!!

First, you'll need clear glass bauble tree ornaments.  Now, if you're in NZ these babies may be a little hard to find.  I found mine over a month ago at our local Spotlight.  You may be able to find them elsewhere, but where I am that's pretty much the only place I could get them.

There were plenty of things I wanted to try out, but decided on just a couple that would look best with our origami themed Christmas tree this year.  My oldest son {Jubs} has really been into making all sorts of origami {thanks to his Tita Kat who helped rekindle his love for it} and so that's how our origami themed tree came about.

Today, I'd like to share with you Part One of our Bauble series!

Here are three glass baubles with my boys' initials -
{Javaughn Canaan, Javier Stanley & Carlyle Micah}
Fill'em with stars, giv'em a li'l shake, and you've got yourself your very own personalised starry bauble!!
I made six of these in total - Nesi {our family name}, Mum, Dad, Jc, Js and Cm.  Just a little something personal and special to go on our tree.  Hope you liked today's DIY feature!  Feel free to use this idea for your own family and be sure to send me a pic when you're done!!  I can't wait to share with you Part Two tomorrow!!

Stay safe out there on the roads guys!  Praying that this stormy weather will come to pass soon.


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