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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Farewell Summerland!!

It's been a wonderful journey!

My oldest son has farewelled his school last week as he will be going to intermediate next year.  It was a very emotional time for him.  Summerland was and is an amazing school!  He grew up there, with all the wonderful teachers and awesome friends he got to meet along his journey from a new entrant to a Year 6 student.  Javaughn has touched the lives of many and will be missed by his teachers and peers.

To show his love to his classroom and teacher this year, he asked me to put together a Summerland themed cake with cupcakes.  Although I was pressed for time, I still wanted to create something very special because it was very important to my son.  So here's how it went down...enjoy x

Chocolate cake and Vanilla bean cupcakes xo

It was a fun afternoon, especially when we all played NINJA TAG!!
Yup!  That's my boy with the yellow arrow...on his broken leg!!  I don't know eh...

And here are some home-made sugar cookies and candy canes packaged for his classmates to take with them as a Christmas/Goodbye present!

And some for his teachers...

These were individual cupcakes for my twins Javier and Carlyle's teachers - teacher appreciation gifts...

Hope you enjoyed today's post!  Come back tomorrow for another really cool cake!!  Can't wait to share this one with you!!


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