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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let's get organised y'all!!

Hey guys!!  Hope you are enjoying this glorious day we are having!  I'm in such an organising mood today, thanks to a certain messy house that desperately needs tidying up!  LOL.  No, but I have been feeling rather drained lately, so I haven't spent much time organising the house.  I wouldn't go as far as to use the word 'neglect' because the house is not too bad...I still manage to do a quick tidy up here and there, but today I have made the decision to get my A into G - no matter how I am feeling!!

Remember how I shared with you this DIY storage box I made out of my boys' nappy boxes??  Well, since then I've made two and have already found use for them - it's awesome!!  Then I wanted to get my oldest son Javaughn to tackle his legos.  I did implement a system a few months ago, using buckets, and it was a great idea for a while, until I needed the buckets for something else...

I was at Kmart a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon these cardboard storage boxes.  You get two for the price of 75c!!!  I actually thought it was a typo, so I went to the cashier to confirm it.  I grabbed 3 sets for Javaughn, to store all his lego.  
The boxes can be stacked two-high per shelf (see pic below), which is a great way to utilise all that space.  Having uniformed boxes really adds that special touch to his bedroom - it now looks awesome!!
He only ended up needing 4 because the boxes were pretty big, so I used the other 2 for my personal storage (to keep important documents together, etc).  And to make it even more efficient, we added labels on them (that I picked up from a variety store for $2) so we can see exactly what's inside without having to open up all the boxes!  (Please excuse this next blurry shot).

To ensure the boxes were being used to their full potential, I inserted dividers for those 'not so many' pieces to live in...
I love it when I see bargains that offers practical solutions!!  <3

Since we're discussing organisation today, here are some tips for how to get organised!  Laura, from I'm an Organizing Junkie, has put together a wonderful PROCESS to help anyone who is in need of some help on how to get started.  Her site offers sooo many different organising solutions, and I'm pretty sure she has answered (or can answer) any questions you may have.  Go on and check it out!  I promise it won't disappoint!!

So, if you've been ignoring the pile of clothes that desperately needs folding, or that kitchen sink that has a mountain of pots that need washing, why don't you join me today and tackle at least ONE area that needs attention?  Be sure to really invest a reasonable amount of time on completing that task, too.  I guarantee you will feel awesome afterwards!!  And one step closer to a tidier and more organised home!!

Happy organising everyone!!


Psst...I'm currently working on two cakes...here's a progress shot of one of them...
...will tell you more about this next week, so stay tuned!!

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