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Friday, 16 March 2012


Wow, remember the iPod touch cake I shared with you all here?  Well, I uploaded it on Cake Central, which is the largest online cake community in the world, on Tuesday afternoon, and when I visited the site the following morning I was surprised to see my cake featured on the front page as one of the most favourite cakes for the day!  It was ranked at top 2 with 95 favourites!  How cool is that?

I couldn't take a screen shot on my computer (the button wasn't working, or I was doing something wrong)...anyway, I really really wanted to share this with you so I took a snap with my camera, lol.  So, excuse the pics (if some look a bit hazy).

This isn't the first time my cakes have made it to the 'favourites', but this one just got me more excited for some reason, lol.  It is an incredible feeling to know that people from all over the world appreciate the effort you put into your creations :-)  And being able to inspire others is truly a blessing!  Thank you to all the Cake Central followers that added my cake to their favourites.  You're all so awesome!!

I'm currently working on two cakes (so I haven't slept yet...).  Will definitely share them with you next week!!  Can't wait to get these done so I can finally see the insides of my eyes!!  hahaha.

Happy Friday everyone!!  See you all next week!!


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