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Thursday, 8 March 2012

DIY storage box

I know, I know, I haven't posted too many DIY stuff for y'all lately.  It doesn't mean I haven't been doing any.  I just haven't been diligent at sharing them here.  I still have 'stuff' I did last year that I haven't shared yet...now I can't find the photos!  lol.  So I thought it was about time I shared something with you that's purely DIY (and non-cake related for a change).

I actually made this baby yesterday, when I was trying to find a (cheap...meaning FREE) storage solution for my junk stuff.  It didn't involve much, just a nappy box, adhesive spray, some wrapping paper, and scissors.  It's super easy and so worth-it!!  I promise!!

Now, pictures can definitely say more than a thousand words, so here they are!!

 You can use whatever box you want!  I happened to have an empty nappy box lying around.  First you need to cut off the top flaps of the box.

You need to select two different designs of wrapping paper for both exterior and interior.  Cut them to size so you are all ready to stick!

Beginning with the exterior, take your box outside and lightly mist over (using your adhesive spray) the side you're working on.  Apply your chosen wrapping paper, then repeat this process until you complete covering all the sides (including the bottom).

Use the same application process for the interior.

Now, cut extra strips (using the interior wrapping paper) to create a 'binding'.  Adhere to the top of the box (so this piece should be adhered to the interior then folded over to the exterior of the box) to achieve a seamless look (see picture below).

Then you should end up with something like this!

And now here's a very deserving BEFORE & AFTER pic for you guys...

With this DIY project, feel free to switch the wrapping paper to fabric (which is what I originally intended to do but didn't want to spend a cent).

My advice for this project is to not be afraid to use what you already have.  Sometimes colours and designs that you wouldn't normally put together can actually complement each other.  I mean, I mixed paisley and polka dots!  And soft pastel colours with brown!  Take a risk!   You'd be amazingly surprised!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


Note: I made a second box, exactly the same, but this time I started with the interior.  I don't really have any preference to be honest, so start wherever you like!  I can't wait to try a fabric version!  Time to rummage through my Mum's wonderful fabric collection I think, hehe :-)

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