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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bubble fun with my boys!!

 Carlyle trying to catch the bubbles!  Now this photo taking bubble making process was quite challenging.  I had the bubbles in one hand, and my camera in the other.  I would blow until the room was filled with plenty of bubbles, then quickly grab my camera and try and capture the 'moment' lol.  Not too bad, but there were a lot of blurry photos.  I just had to choose the best ones, haha.

 Javier gets tickled by the bubbles.  So he pretty much laughed the entire time.  He also tried to eat the bubbles, which I didn't get to capture on camera but was super fun to watch.

Carlyle now on the couch (getting ready for his siesta) but still managing to squeeze in some bubble fun.

Javier was sooo happy, he didn't realise he was wetting himself with his water bottle!  hehe

What are you guys doing in this beautiful hot summer's day?


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