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Monday, 3 December 2012

November 2012 in a glimpse...

Whoa!!!  It is now December!!!  How crazy is that?  I can't believe this year is almost over!!  Just reflecting back on the year I am grateful to the Lord for keeping my family and I safe and happy.  Even through all the challenges we faced this year {and trust me, there were heaps} we are still smiling :-)  Challenges are great because you know God is working through you, moulding you to a better person.  So, don't think you're unlucky if you haven't had a great year, just think you are blessed that God loves you enough to help you work through some things that need to be addressed to help you with your tomorrow.

Anyway, let us take a quick look at what fun we got up to last month, shall we?

Caylan's 2nd Birthday
Fabulous Fifty
Hunter's 1st Birthday
Pinkalicious Winners xo
Eleanor's 5th Birthday {Part One}
Sebastian's 12th Birthday
Eleanor's 5th Birthday {Part Two}
What a delightfully sweet month we've had, huh?  Hoping that December will be one awesome month, too!!  Hope you've had fun looking back at our November together!  See you back here soon with some fun Christmas craftivities!!  Can't wait!!


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