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Monday, 19 September 2011

Rugby birthday to ME!

Good morning peeps!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did!  It was my birthday yesterday!  It was a Rugby-filled Birthday weekend for me!  Whoop whoop!
Image source: Sky sports
As much as I loved the fact that the All Blacks crushed Japan (which really was a given), I especially enjoyed the Australia versus Ireland match on Saturday.  I was a mad woman running up and down my house, cheering for Ireland!  My poor hubby was looking at me in a scared/strange manner, lol.  He knew not to spoil my moment, so he let me be.  During the conversions I'd be saying screaming, "com'on Sexton!  Do it!!!"
Image source: BBC Sport
My poor son got outta bed and came into the lounge (not very happy with my behaviour) saying, "Mum, show some respect please!  I'm sleeping!"  Ooops, sorry Jubs!  Yesss, I am guilty of enjoying my rugby too much.  But, hey, who doesn't?  Okay, I do know 'some' who don't...actually, scratch that, I know ONE person who doesn't...and that is my bestie (Keshia), hehe.  She switches off when you start talking about rugby, she even snores!  Don't worry, she's getting better.  She has no choice because her hubby-to-be loves the game.  :-)

Switching codes for a moment, another game I really enjoyed watching was the Warriors versus Tigers.   Man, first half looked pretty discouraging, but I knew not to give up on my Warriors.  Come second half and they owned that game!  It was super close, though!!  22-20!  I was praying while watching that game I tell ya!  The player that stood out for me was Maloney, even though he didn't get Man of the Match.  He was phenomenal!

Image source: 1Click
AND, another league game I thoroughly enjoyed watching was Broncos versus Dragons.  Talk about nail-biting!  13-12!  So glad the Broncos won!  My hubby's cousin Ben Te'o plays for them, so gotta show some love!  Man of the Match for me was Darren Lockyer - simply sensational!
Image source: Couriermail
Okay, so no cakes to share today, but don't be discouraged!  I have plenty of cakes in store for you in the days ahead.  I still have my brother JR's 30th birthday cake I made the other week to share with y'all, plus a special cake made by my sister-in-law (Gaile) for me and my youngest brother, Jan.  Sooo many sugary delights in store for you guys, so be sure to come back!



  1. haha i have a confession to make.. I got slightly excited about that Oz vs Ireland game too!! Omg dont even know who I am anymore... HELP! Lol

  2. hehe, I love it! That was a good game though. :-)