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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ribbony madness solution!

Hey guys!  Today will be short and sweet...well, not sweet as in cake, but sweet as in cool.  Over quite some time now I have accumulated a lot of ribbon.  I have a bin to put them in, but often when I need to look for a particular ribbon, I have to rummage through everything before I can find it.  I almost always end up in quite a tangle.  Here's what I mean...

It's been this way since the last ribbony madness post I made here.  I realised (finally) that this was getting too crazy for me.  I definitely needed to find a more practical solution to this (growing) concern.  Then I remembered one of the cool storage solutions I saw online over at Mrs. Jones' blog that I thought would be perfectly practical for me (and cheap-as).   Like Mrs. Jones, I wanted to use what I already had, to omit any extra spending.  Honestly, you can find so many storage solutions in your home!  Just look around!  My absolute favourite are egg cartons!  But more on that another day...

After cutting out small pieces of cardboard (using my twins' nappy boxes) I started paper-clipping and rolling the off-cuts ribbons I had.  This is probably the only time-consuming part, but oh-so-worth-it!  Check out this space now -

Close up

Top view
Pretty cool, right?  I absolutely love it!  Now, searching for the right ribbon doesn't have to be such a chore any more.  I especially love how I can see all the pretty colours in one little container.

And for a before and after pic, just 'cause I can...
Ahhh!  Love!
What cheap and clever storage solutions have you come up with lately?  I would love to see them, so send me a link in the comments section below.

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Come back tomorrow for cupcakes!!!


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