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Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthday for two

Last weekend we held a small family gathering over at my parents place to celebrate two birthdays - my little brother's and I!  It was a lovely day.  Lots of delicious food to eat with plenty of laughs with the fam bam.  And of course, there was cake!  But not only that, we also had cupcakes!  Even better!

My dear sister-in-law Gaile (who unfortunately was sick to attend the gathering) made my brother's birthday cupcakes as well as my birthday cake.  I loved it!  Sooo pretty and cool.  It was also nice not having to make my own cake (which honestly I didn't really mind too much because I would really be making it for the family anyway).  Here are some shots I took for you all to see.
My beautiful birthday cake
My bro's cupcakes
Pretty cool, huh?  It was super delicious, too!  Thanks again Gaile!  Hope you're feeling better now.

Now, I wanted to give my bro something small and special.  I decided to make him something small and sweet.  With my sister-in-law (his wife) Ruthie's suggestions, I decided to go for the Starbucks coffee!  I've been wanting to do a mug cake, so this was perfect!  Click to see after the break...

And, I couldn't help myself playing with some effects...so this next shot I changed the background to black and white to keep the focus on the Starbucks logo, the name bunting and the 'coffee'.

And now, my bro drinking his coffee (lol)...

The birthday celebrants :-)
That's all from me this week folks!  Have a fantatic Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Can't wait for the AB vs France match!  See you all again next week for more good times!

Blessings xo

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