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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

RWC spectacular!

Hey guys!  Who enjoyed the RWC opening last Friday?  Did you see it live?  Or on tele?  Or did you miss the whole thing?  As for me and family, we decided to join in on some of the RWC hype on Friday night.  We watched the super cool fire works display from under the bridge!  It was the best view!  There were lots of people, but nothing too crazy like town.  We managed to find parking ten minutes before the fireworks started.  We even found a perfect spot next to the water.  It was a beautiful, clear night.  My three boys enjoyed it sooo much!  My twinnies were glued to the sky.  There were different colours exploding everywhere.  The patterns that came out were spectacular.  It was sooo big and loud you could feel the ground trembling.  We thought this would scare our little ones, but they loved every minute of it!  It was nice to see so many families there.  Our eldest boy imagined the whole thing was a Pokemon battle, he was lovin' it!  I was sooo gutted I forgot to bring my camera to capture the fireworks, but I think it was meant to be.  I think it was one of those 'better to live in the moment' moments.  Had I been taking photos all night, I would have missed the whole experience, so by the end of the night I was quite grateful I didn't have the camera.  It was a nice time with the fam :-)  Of course, knowing me, I still managed to find a way to document this experience (with my phone) - although unclear, they're enough to remind us of what a great night it was!

Okay, now I confess for the following pics you're about to witness...definitely doesn't paint the picture I described above, but it really was a beautiful night!  Sorry, again, this is all my Nokia X6 was able to produce...I'll see if I can put some more pics up later that my hubby took with his Android...maybe we'll get better pics, we'll see...

Afterwards, we rushed outta there and headed to Massey to my sister's casa where we watched the All Blacks play Tonga.  The one most talked about highlight of that game was when Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) took his super tight shirt off when one of his sleeves were ripped off during a tackle.  You should have heard the (ladies in the) crowd roar, haha.  While all the men were rolling their eyes (jealous much?), hehehe.  I gotta admit, my sister and I were one of those roarers, lol.  For those who missed out, here are some pics I found online...

Anyway, enough about shirtless rugby players!  Our internet is still giving us grief, so the Fathers' Day post I promised y'all will have to wait yet another day.  Hope you're all warm and cosy in this cold weather!  I pray no more tornadoes come our way - too scary!  See you all again soon!


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