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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Red velvet

One flavour combo I absolutely adore is red velvet with cream cheese frosting!  Ahhh, sooo yummehhh!  Last week my friend ordered  some cupcakes for her partner's birthday.  She was curious to try red velvet (since hearing other people rave about it) but she wasn't entirely sold on the cream cheese frosting idea.  So, she ordered half with cream cheese and half with buttercream.  Let me tell you, she texted me that night telling me how much she loved the red velvet with cream cheese!  Here's her actual text (that I still have saved):
Hey jackie its Mia...Red Velvet cupcakes with creamcheese frosting was Devine :)...I Love, love, love...I'm in love with these cupcakes.  You are the best baker in the world.  Thank you from me & the whole family who were in love with the cupcakes:)...Great touch to T's bday
*blush* Thanks Mia for the lovely words!  I'm glad you all had a great night!

Let me tell you, she didn't wait that long 'til she ordered her next batch (which she's picking up now actually, hehe).  She sent me another text saying how she was "craving" them cupcakes.  :-)

Now for the show part of show and tell...here are those yummy red velvet cupcakes!  Enjoy (and try not to lick your screen).
I really love how the chocolate toppers turned out!  So abstract, so Pollock-ish :-)

Here's a close up for you all

Hope you enjoyed this velvety post guys!  See you again tomorrow for the big week finale!  Arrr!  (That's a hint about what's in store for you tomorrow btw, hehe).


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