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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thank you Summerland Primary!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of holding a bake sale at Summerland Primary to raise funds for SPCA.  I baked hundreds of cupcakes on Thursday (right through to Friday) to make sure there were enough cupcakes to go around!  That was A LOT of work, but all worth it for the cause!  Anyway, as my son and I, along with some of his friends, were setting up just before lunch time, children were already lining up!  It was incredible!  Sooo many children remembered to bring their coins to buy cupcakes to help SPCA.  I was definitely blown away by the number of children and staff that turned up.  We raised over $200 in a short period of time.  The left over cupcakes I sold to my family, friends, and other Aucklanders at Cornwall Park which raised over $200 as well.  It's wonderful to see so many kind Kiwis banding together to help organisations such as SPCA to continue their good work.

A very big thank you goes out to the awesome students and staff of Summerland Primary!  I also would like to say a special thanks to Deputy Principal Barbara Dysart and Room 15's teacher Sarah Woodgate for making this happen - for allowing me to hold the bake sale at the school and printing and putting up posters everywhere.  And of course, a very big fat thank you goes out to my son Javaughn and his friends Kevin, Mataio, and Jericho, for helping set up, eat sell, and pack up all the cupcakes.  You boys are truly the BEST!!

Here are some pics from the Summerland SPCA Cupcake Day.  Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Be sure to come back for more goodies!  Have a tasty Thursday!!


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