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Monday, 29 August 2011

Happy SPCA Cupcake Day New Zealand!

Hello everyone!  Today is the official SPCA Cupcake Day!  I encourage all of you to support this cause and go out and buy cupcakes where you see them.  The cupcake cooks will be wearing these stickers,
so make sure you grab some loose change from your pockets and give give give!  To those buyers who wish to receive a tax receipt for their donation* simply ask the cupcake cook to take your details on their Donations Receipt Register, and SPCA will send them a receipt.  How awesome is that?  You give some, and get some back.

Now, today I will be sharing my cupcake entry for SPCA's 'Most Creative Cupcake' Competition run by More FM.  Here is my entry:

Today More FM announced the winner of the brand spankin' new KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer valued at almost $1,000!
Sooo beautiful, huh?

Unfortunately, I don't get to take this baby home :-(.  More FM had a very tough time deciding on a winner as there were hundreds of entrants, but like any competition, they had to pick ONE.  And I am delighted to announce that the lucky winner goes out to the very talented Kate Boyt from Tauranga!  Here is her entry:
Congratulations Kate!  Your cupcakes were so cute and gorgeous!  Hope you made lots of moolah for SPCA and enjoy your new KitchenAid!  Now you have every reason to keep them baked goods coming!  Of course, I wouldn't mind you sending some my way (wink wink, nudge nudge).

One day, hopefully soon, I wish to own my very own KitchenAid Stand Mixer...but for now, I will keep on baking and caking with my very humble mixer that has been through a very hard life.  Sorry Mixer, you can't quite retire yet...I still need you to make beautiful cakes and bakes.  xo

Stay tuned this week as I will be announcing how much funds I raised for SPCA, thanks to Summerland Primary staff and students, my wonderful family, and other fellow Aucklanders that supported this cause.  It's lovely to see everyone in the community banding together to make a difference, however small it may be.

Have a cupcake-filled Monday and see you again soon!!  Blessings!


*Donations over $5 are tax deductible.

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