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Monday, 22 August 2011

A special Birthday celebration!

Good Monday everyone!  It makes me sooo happy to wake up to blue skies and sunshine!  I really love it! I can't tell you how much the weather affects my mood, lol.  It's harder to be chirpy when it's grey and gloomy, but of course I try not to let that affect my day too much, otherwise that's a whole season of being gloomy...and I feel sorry for my family if they have to deal with that every single day.  :-)

Over the weekend my family and I held a very small and impromptu birthday celebration for my uncle's 50th birthday.  The thing is, my uncle doesn't live in NZ, and there is about four hours difference between us, but we still wanted to make the effort to make it a special moment for him...after all, how many times do you turn 50?  How did we do it you ask?  Well, via SKYPE of course!  It's amazing how much technology plays a big part in our lives today in terms of bridging the communication gap.  It's definitely one of my most favourite tech advancements and my family and I use it all the time.

Anyway, my cousin asked me to make a birthday cake for the occasion...of course I was more than happy to help out.   I decided to take a break from chocolate and revisit vanilla bean.  I made a very simple vanilla bean cake filled and frosted with vanilla bean buttercream, and of course embellished with some colourful confetti sprinkles to make it more festive.  Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!!  Oh, and I decided to take pics of the cake with and without the writing...I was thinking every time there's a birthday I could just place a message on the blank cake and send it to the birthday celebrant!  Like so...
 Let me tell ya, I felt super clever after thinkin' of that idea!  LOL!  Lovin' technology and its endless possibilities!

Okay, so here are the 'real' pictures...enjoy!!
Tito means Uncle and Lolo means Grandpa :-)
More pics after the jump...

These next shots were taken last night at the actual celebration.
After travelling with the cake, a couple of sprinkles decided to stick to my Uncle's name :-)
Wish I had a better pic to show you...but this is all I have, lol.
And as a treat to make you all feel gooey, here is a pic of my chubby and cutie pie nephew...
This is my cute nephew/godson Josiah xo

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Come back soon for more sweet treats!  Have a beautiful Monday!!


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