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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Special cake delivery!

Hey guys!  What a glorious day it is today!  The sun is shining, my washing's drying, I think spring is just around the corner!!  Yippee!

Today I have a very special cake to share with you all.  I received this cake order from...LONDON!!  I know, London!!  The very-talented dancer Kimberley from Vibe One emailed me while shuffling the streets of London wanting to send a special cake to her bf in Auckland.  To make this a very special moment for her bf, she wanted to send him a 'carrier pigeon' cake.  Here's the pic she emailed me:
Cute, right?  She's a genius for thinking of this.  I must say, I have never been asked to make a bird before, so of course, I  considered this a challenge that I was sure not to pass.

Read more and see the cake after the jump...

After yet another sleepless night, here's what I came up with.  Hope you enjoy the pics guys!
Final outcome!  Very pleased with the way he turned out :-)

Details of the cake.  So glad I decided to add the twine, thanks to my hubby for giving me the thumbs up when I was busy contemplating a couple of ideas.  Oh and the cute message was from Kimberley - love it!
That's all for now folks!  Stay tuned because there are exciting cakes in the weeks to come...but I won't say anything just yet.  Let's keep it a surprise!

Have a terrific Tuesday!  See you all again soon!


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