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Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion Friday!

Another beautiful sunshiney day!  I am lovin' this!  Though it's still very nippy outside, it's nice to have blue skies and sunshine for a change.  I was beginning to get sick of the colour grey, and I own a lot of grey clothing!!  Need to bring in the colours because spring is near!  I'm thinking mixin' up some dull colours with some vibrant ones, add a bit of floral in the mix, and of course maxi dresses!  Okay, it doesn't have to be long, but if you know me, you'll know that I don't like to wear anything above the knees...unless I'm wearing tights underneath.  LOL.

So, what are some looks I'm diggin' right now?  Sources: Jeanswest and Just Jeans.  (Having some trouble with my connection atm, so I could only post up a few clothing images...grrr)

Drape Jacket :-)
and this pink sand twin pocket blouse
...wear it with these chinos.  I love these chinos!
And of course, ya gotta have a floral maxi in your wardrobe!!
Blossom printed maxi

More pics after the jump guys...

Like this...sooo comfy!!

I'm diggin' these loose fit tees right now

This elegant maxi dress ...
...with this cute crochet vest

What about this cute floral print scarf?

...with this airy bead yoke drape blouse
...and these comfy pleat front chambray shorts
...and maybe with this brown leather bag

Or what about this cute navy sleeveless maxi
with this cool Chambray slouch biker jacket?

oh, and you have to complete the look with this vintage leather belt!!
...and don't forget your 70's floppy felt hat!!
Okay, now I don't encourage you to splurge money you don't have, but check these funky sunglasses out from the Karen Walker Eyewear range...
Bunny Crystal
If this is blowing your budget (speaking for myself, eh-hem), I'm sure you can find a similar style that will cost you less than ten bucks.  I put this up purely for inspiration guys!  And if you can afford designer brands, then why not?  Just make sure you pay your bills, do your groceries, feed your children, etc, etc, before you shop for your 'wants' :-)

 And for kids (well, boys), here is 'the look' my eldest boy is really into at the moment...

Skinny jeans
with this smart roll-up shirt
Okay, now here are some pics with models and different looks.  Sometimes it helps me visualise it better when it's on real people, as opposed to mannequins...lol.  Source: Glassons

Hope you enjoyed this fashion post guys!  Have a fun Friday and an awesome weekend!  See you again next week for more sweet treats and ideas!  Blessings!


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