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Thursday, 25 August 2011

I do

Last month I received a lovely email from one of my Mum's colleagues regarding a wedding cake.  Deepana (who by the way I only just met on Tuesday - such a nice young woman) had been so busy with finishing a paper she was sitting at uni whilst planning her big wedding day.  I say big because it really is.  She is expecting around five hundred and fifty guests!  Oh my word!  She said this is typical of an Indian wedding.  Thank goodness this cake was for her 'legal' ceremony, which will involve fewer guests.  In their culture weddings last up to several days as there are many ceremonies involved.  They actually started last week and it is still going this week, until the weekend for their 'big' wedding ceremony.  Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun and stress at the same time!  What a great tradition to have!

Anyway, since then we'd been emailing each other on a regular basis.  On one of her emails were her and her fianc√©'s specifications: two tier chocolate eggless cake with creme and hot pink colour theme and daisies.  She had seen some of my cake creations via my Mum and loved them.  I told her that I had never done a wedding cake before and that hers would be my first.  Fortunately, this detail did not bother her one bit.  She even trusted me with design ideas!  Wow!  I definitely had to whip something amazing as this cake would be the beginning of my wedding cakes journey.  Fun times!

After an intense sleepless night, I had what turned out to be a pretty amazing cake!  But before I did, I really immersed myself in their culture.  I remembered her telling me how much they love their bright colours and gold, so I made sure this was evident on the cake.  On Tuesday night I delivered the (verrry heavy) cake with my Mum to Deepana's place.  Let me tell ya, I was sooo  nervous about the drive!  She didn't exactly live nearby, and there were sooo many road works that we just had to go through.  I even had to remind Mum to take it easy on the curves, on the occasion she'd forget there was a wedding cake on board.  I swear I was praying and staring at the cake the entire journey!

Upon arrival we were welcomed by her lovely family (in amidst their wedding preparations).  I still had not met Deepana, so there I was trying to work out which one of the house full of ladies was the bride-to-be, all while trying to balance what felt like a tonne of brick in my arms.  Finally, I worked out who Deepana was.  The expression on her face (once she saw her cake) was just priceless.  She had the biggest eyes and the widest smile on her face saying, "this is better than what I imagined!" whilst staring at her wedding cake.  Yay!  Seeing her (and her family) sooo happy and thrilled about the cake made me really happy, too, and it definitely made all that labour oh-so-worth-it!

Introducing, my very first wedding cake...  
I really love the sepia effect I applied on this cake.  

For more pictures of this wedding cake (in colour) click after the jump...

And now, let there be colour!

 I love how these pictures turned out.  I took over a hundred shots of this cake (I kid you not).  I'm glad I incorporated different shades of pink as opposed to sticking to just hot pink, as well as adding a hint of gold (of course I discussed these options with Deepana first - she loved the idea).  I think the colours work really well together.  Definitely not your typical wedding cake!  :-)

And here is a collage I put together for all you detail lovers!  I named this wedding cake 'Daisy'.  Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed designing and making my first wedding cake!  I am thrilled to have shared this special cake with you all.  I love hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line, even just to say hello.  Have a sweet Thursday!  And don't forget to share this with your loved ones!


UPDATE: I just received a lovely text message from Deepana that really put a smile on my face - Hi jackie, i just wanted to let u know that the cake was amazing, everyone loved it and were enquiring who made it, thank u so much


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  1. Hi Jackie, I just saw this posted on your website. We truly loved this cake. Being a strict vegetarian- it is by far the best eggless cake I have ever tasted. Thank you for all your effort in putting together this amazing cake- which we still talk about today :) - love Deepana