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Friday, 5 August 2011

A little quickie action in the car last night...

...with my cake!!  Com'on guys, what were you thinking?  LOL.  Since it's Friday I thought I'd spoil you guys with a second post!  If you haven't read my first post today, then simply scroll down or click here.

Remember yesterday how I said I was going to whip something old school and traditional for my Father-in-law's birthday?  Well, today is the big cake reveal!  But before I show it to you, I thought I'd tell you a little story of how the cake came to be...

Now, my sister-in-law was very adamant that we couldn't be late or else we'd have to pay the whole bill.  Well, I was kinda busy yesterday and only got to the baking part later in the afternoon so I was really pressed for time.  My hubby was like 'com'on we gotta go' and I was like 'but I still have to frost the cake'...he reminded me about what his sister had said, so of course I just packed my things and went straight to the car.  LOL

After dodging a few red lights, and really putting a heavy foot on the gas (just kidding guys, it was more like, "another red light?  com'on!!") we got there bang on time!  We decided to unload the kids first, then find a carpark.  I decided to stay behind just so I could quickly frost the cake and do some quick decorations.  Man, can I just tell you that there was not a lot of room to manoeuvre in the car!  Plus it was really dark in that carpark, I had to turn the inside lights on, and even that wasn't bright enough.  But, ya gotta work with what ya got, right?

While resting the cake on my legs, and using my left hand to rotate it as my right hand was busy smoothing with a palette knife, I realised that this was one of those moments that needed to be documented.  So, I (very carefully) placed the palette knife on my left hand and grabbed the camera with my right and snap!  I didn't have the luxury to take too many pictures, so I settled with the one.  Then after that I went straight back to work.  After some smoothing and sprinkling magic, here's what I ended up with...
Not bad for a quickie-in-the-car job huh?  If you'd like to read more about our night, then just click below.  There are some pics of what we ate, too - yum yum yum-ehh!!

We had a lovely time at Bunga Raya Restaurant last night.  The staff were very friendly, which makes it a more pleasurable experience.  And my-oh-my, the food was awesome!!  Here are some shots I took of what we had.  Enjoy!!!
I just realised the majority of our meals were chicken!
Oh, cool, we have a couple of pork dishes in the mix...lol
Malaysian dessert

I love sago, but this one was a tad to sweet for me...but still nice!  I finished one and a half, hehe...

Inside the cake.  Gosh, this shot isn't that appealing, huh?  I didn't have time to chill the cake to ensure a nice clean cut. Still yum-oh though :-P  We shared some with the staff.
One very happy Grandpa :-)

Great new memories xo
Thanks for dropping by.  Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!  See you again next week for more cakes and goodies!



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