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Monday, 21 May 2012

10 years later...

...and still crazy in love...

I'm here!!  Don't worry, I've been better than fine!  Just had some time off the blogdom to celebrate my love for my hubby Lui.  It was our 10 year wedding anniversary the other week, and we renewed our vows in the presence of God, family and friends.  It was a beautiful day and I couldn't have asked for a more handsome groom!

The ceremony was very special, and emotional.  From the minute I started walking with my parents to Lui, and our dear friends AJ and CJ were singing me down the aisle, tears of joy came flooding down Lui's eyes, and naturally down mine, too.  It was probably one of the most beautiful moments of the day, seeing Lui at the other end, waiting for me...and then feeling his warm touch as we joined.  It was like a fairy tale.
The beginning of the waterworks...
Could not stop the waterworks...I just wanted to be with my man!
Together at last...we just wanted to kiss right then and there...but we had to wait...it was sooo hard...

You're probably wondering about our wedding cake?  Well, yes, we had one, and yes I made it...THAT MORNING!!!  Let me tell ya, I had no sleep whatsoever!  Talk about crazy bride, huh?  I was up all night at my parents making bouquets for my bridesmaids and flower girls...then went home and started on THE CAKE.  Sleep was definitely no longer part of the equation.  I decided that a two-tier cake was the most I could do with the time I had.  I had two cakes to ganache and cover in fondant.  Oh, and decorate!  But I also had to be at my sis-in-law Kat's place by 7am for my hair!  That only gave me about 3-4hours to bake, cool, fill and frost, and cover in fondant TWO CAKES.  I only managed to get up to the frost part, so the fondant had to wait until after my hair.

Yikes, got home around 11am from getting my hair done, and not to mention some last minute errands I had to run WHILE I HAD MY HAIR UP!  I'm sure people at Spotlight and The Warehouse were thinking my hair was a little too done-up for the attire I had on (which looked like pyjamas, haha).  I didn't have time or energy to care.  Had to get crackin' on the cake.  Before covering the cakes in fondant I had to smooth out the ganache.  I was working as fast as Flash at this point in time.  Why?  Because I had to be at my aunty's for my makeup and preparation by 12.30 (take away the 20mins travel time, that really only left me with one hour to work with).  I managed to cover the top tier in fondant, and even add some very quick pleat work (in an attempt to mimic to top part of my dress).  Got to my aunty's, I really had no time to cover the bottom tier, so I asked my sis-in-law Gaile to do that for me.  She makes cakes, too, so I was sooo happy to have her there.  She was stressing out, so she got my brother to roll out the fondant for her, then got my cousin to fan her as she covered the cake.  Apparently, she was sooo hot!  Poor thing, I just had to throw that one at her.  But at least that's all I asked of her.  Nothing fancy, just cover the bottom cake in fondant, and that's it.  I'm sure she would've appreciated a much smaller cake to cover...hehe.

I didn't really care so much at this stage about how 'perfect' it looked, I just wanted a covered cake that was presentable enough to have at our wedding, hehe.  I think I did a pretty amazing job, considering the time and circumstances I had to work with.  I loved the final look - simple elegance.  The fresh roses and baby's breath really 'finished' the look of the cake.  Sooo happy with the way it turned out!!  God is great, and without Him this cake wouldn't have even existed!!

Click 'READ MORE' to see the cake!!

Our simply elegant wedding cake xo

Cutting of the cake ceremony

Toasting ceremony - with our lemon lime bitters, hehe

Hope you enjoyed today's post!  Enjoy the sunshine outside, while it's here!  You know Auckland weather, very predictably unpredictable!  Will post more wedding pics in the days to come...



  1. Congratulations! what lovely photos. beautiful.

    1. Thanks Blair! It certainly was a beautiful day! :-)

  2. Beautyfull cake and pics.....really sweet couple...Stay blessed........from AK47