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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sick bubbas...

Today I'm keepin' it short as I have two sick bubbas to take care of.  Poor things...their eyes look so droopy.  I'm just glad they've been seen by their doctor and are now on the road to recovery (thanks to their meds).  Still, any parent don't like seeing their children sick, especially when they don't have the words to communicate clearly how and what they're feeling.

One of my two sick bubs - Javier with his most loved Thomas blanky...

So, last night, I made a hearty meal for my family.  Even Mum came over to have some of the Italian dish I prepared.  It's from 'Everday Italian'.  Mum and I were watching the food channel a couple of days ago at her place when Giada was on.  We were salivating at what she was making and thought 'we have to try this'.  Of course, we did!  I forgot to take photos (silly me) but it pretty much looked like this...but instead of having bread, we had rice with it...typical, hehe.


Then, I decided to make dessert, too, just because it seemed easy enough and didn't take too long to put together.  It is called Apple Zeppole with cinnamon whipped cream.  You can find the recipe here, go on, try it!!  This I managed to take a photo of, using the retro app on my phone, because I couldn't be bothered getting my camera.

Sprinkled with icing sugar and accompanied with cinnamon whipped cream

I still have some batter left over, so I might just go fry those up now!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  And if you have sick bubbas, I feel ya!!  Just keep them warm inside and offer them plenty of fluids (especially if they're not eating).  They'll be back to normal before you know it!!


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