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Monday, 7 May 2012

Blast from the Past - Part 3

I know it's super late...and almost Tuesday...but I'm here.  And it may be like this all week, but I'll be here.  I know, it's probably my longest unannounced absence to date.  I've been busy.  With what?  Well, that is a secret that will be revealed in due time.

In the mean time, let's check out some of my old creations that haven't been shared before, shall we?  And the special thing about this series, is that we will be looking at my non-edible cake creations!  So, things like nappy/diaper cakes!  Verrry exciting stuff!!

Today is DAY ONE of Blast from the Past - Part 3, here we go!!

 I made this mini flannel cupcakes for my cousin's baptism.  These were the favours that were given to all the guests.  Something small and sweet.  My aunty added toothpicks with flags (that included my cousin's name and date of birth, as well as date of baptism).

Hope you enjoyed today's tonight's Blast from the Past non-edible cake creation!!  Stay tuned this whole week for more!!


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