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Monday, 28 May 2012

Happy 18th birthday Kaira!!

Good Monday everyone!!  I was supposed to share today's cake with you last Friday but I had FOUR sick bubbas to look after that day (that includes my hubby).  There was no time to sit in front of the computer and blog.  Thankfully, it's now down to only two sick bubbas...I can't wait 'til my household is back to good health!!  Definitely feeling the chill of winter these days...yay to snugly nights and nay to the winter flu!!

So, today I will be sharing with you a birthday cake I made for a lovely young lady named Kaira.  She turned 18 (which is a big deal in the Filipino culture) and had a 60s themed birthday party.  Of course, she wanted to also incorporate the 60s theme to her birthday cake, so we brainstormed a few ideas.  She wasn't really sure of what she wanted, so I threw some ideas at her along with some inspiration pics.  She loved my ideas and wanted to incorporate the whole orange, yellow, pink, red theme that was prominent in the 60s (well, in the pics I found on google anyway).  Here are my inspiration pics for this cake:
{Source: Left and right}
 Kaira loved the colour palette and the flowers, so I made sure I incorporated those on her cake.  It was such a fun cake to make because it was girly and unique.  I especially loved mixing the different colours together, creating a really cool effect.  Here's the final cake!  Hope you like it!

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Be back with more goodies this week!!  Have a mad Monday!!


*P.S. Kaira and her family loved the look and taste of the cake!  Yay!!!

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