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Monday, 3 September 2012

August 2012 in a glimpse...

YUUUSSSSSSS!!!!  It is now OFFICIALLY SPRING!!  Bring on the blooming flowers and the warmer sunny days!!  I am sooo excited!!  Let us now take a quick glimpse at all the fun we had last month before we get too excited about September, shall we?!

Dad's birthday
Kiwa's 9th birthday

Dante's 3rd IRONMAN birthday
Asa's 70th birthday
SPCA CUPCAKE DAY @ Kindercare Central Park
SPCA CUPCAKE DAY @ Summerland Primary
Bharathi and Paati's birthdays
Last month was jam-packed with birthday cakes and cupcakes!!  Looked like one super yummy month!!  Let's aim for another awesome month this September, ok?!!  I can't wait to get this month started...I already have a couple of cakes to share from the weekend so stay tuned!!  Have a marvellous day!!


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