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Monday, 24 September 2012

Sophia's baptism!!

Last weekend, my friend Moyra's youngest daughter Sophia had her baptism.  Moyra requested a cake from me while she was in Oz a couple of months back.  At first she didn't really know exactly what she wanted so I suggested for her to browse online and save the images of the ones she liked.  After doing so, she sent me a collection of different images she gathered.  The main ideas I got were the colours pink and white.  She liked the idea of incorporating a cross and flowers, too.  Although she had some favourites, she pretty much left me with full design control - so long as I incorporated the colours pink and white, as well as "God bless Sophia" on the cake.

I was really excited to make this cake because it's pink and girly!!  Girl cakes are still a novelty to me, as I get a huge amount of cake requests for boys.  So, using the colour pink is a rare occurrence :-)  Moyra not only wanted a cake, she also wanted three dozen cupcakes - chocolate, red velvet surprise, and vanilla bean.  Yum!!

So, without further ado, here is Sophia's baptism cake and cupcakes!!  Enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed today's cake and cupcakes feature!!  Have a beautiful Monday!!


Here's a lovely message I received from Moyra after the baptism:

Hi Jackie... It's the end of the day now and all have left for home. Thank you so so very much for the beautiful yummy gorgeous cakes and cupcakes. There were so many compliments from everyone. I have emailed your Facebook contacts to a few people so that's just awesome. Thank you again you are amazing.


You are very welcome Moyra!!  Thank you for choosing me to be part of such a joyous and memorable occasion!!  xo

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