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Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY stripes for a mime!!

This week has been pretty full on at my oldest son's school {Summerland Primary}.  They had their production {Cinderella Circus} running all week.  My poor Jubs is so exhausted but we are sooo proud of him for always putting on his best performance!!  Seeing him perform puts the biggest smile on my face because it is one of the things I'm so passionate about!

Cinderella Circus is such a fun story that is made up of so many wonderful acts!!  One of the acts is the MIME scene {which Jubs is in}, and because schools are always working on a tight budget, we had to get creative!!  Megan {one of the teachers in charge, and also a friend of mine} and I decided to use masking tape and black spray paint to create these striped shirts.  The taping part was very time-consuming, and me being a bit of a perfectionist, I just couldn't resist getting all the corners just right {which meant cutting all sorts of angles just so they fit perfectly and not overlap - LOL}.  I also placed old {flattened} cereal boxes underneath the shirts to protect the inside...not that you could see it anyway, but that's just how I roll!!  Here are some progress shots for you to check out!!  I will post up some pics of the actual show next week!!  So stay tuned!!

 Hope you enjoyed today's DIY post...I know it has been a while since my last project, but now that the sun is shining you'll definitely be seeing more projects here - so stay tuned  AND thanks for your patience!!!


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