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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy 30th birthday Kat!!

This past weekend I faced one of my biggest cake challenge yet!!  When I say big I mean KING KONG BIG in both scale and difficulty!  I had to create a single pink Timberland boot for my friend Kaati's 30th birthday {because she loves her tims - and thanks to Mark for the great idea!! hehe}.  This baby was huge!!  The cake board itself was 16 inches, and look at the size of the shoe on top!  By the time I was done, I couldn't lift the dang thing off the table (that's when dear hubby stepped in - thanks babe).  What made it even more difficult was my right leg was restricted in a moon-boot {I know, I know, another sporting injury}.  But, this fractured ankle wasn't going to phase me even the slightest bit!  I was determined to make this 'mission impossible' possible.  After a very long and sleepless night, I ended up with a decent looking tim.  You wouldn't imagine the relief and joy I was feeling that Saturday morning!  I was glad I finished in time to watch my boy Jubs play a great game of rugby league :-)

Here are some pics for you all to have a look at.  Enjoy!!

To help you understand just how big this boot was, here's a pic of it in the fridge before it was decorated.

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  See you back here soon!!  I'll be sharing with you the cake that got featured in the latest Cake Central Magazine (you may have noticed the badge on the top right corner of my blog).  More on that later!!  Exciting!!



  1. That's huge! How many people did it feed?