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Monday, 9 July 2012

44th Golf birthday

Last Friday I made a cake for a friend's Uncle's 44th birthday.  She sent me a picture of a golf themed cake she liked that she found online and marked the areas that she wanted me to incorporate on her Uncle's cake.  It included a fondant figurine of a man lying on his tummy staring at his shot about to go in, a golf bag with clubs and a flag with the number 44 on it.

I really enjoyed making this cake for her!  Although the design of the cake was pretty simple, it was equally just as challenging as a more detailed one because achieving clean fondant work is actually pretty hard to do.  I know it seems crazy but achieving a clean and seamless look is difficult because you instantly see the 'flaws' on such designs.  In this case, I think I did pretty well on achieving that especially without sleep {thank you Lord for giving me the strength, because there was no way I could have done it on my own!!}

Here's the cake, I hope you enjoy it  :-)

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Come back tomorrow for my nephew/Godson's first birthday cake that I made on Saturday!  

Have a lovely Monday!!


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