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Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!!

Three days ago I made a special birthday cake for a special girl named Emma.  Her parents weren't planning on doing anything 'big' for her fourth, but li'l Miss Emma had other plans.  When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she asked for a Princess Sofia the 1st cake, like the Pocoyo one I made for her sister Alexis earlier this year.  As parents, we do our best to grant our children's birthday wishes {within reason}, and so that's how this cake request came about.

Of course, I was absolutely clueless as to who/what this character was!  I didn't even know it was a show on Disney Junior, until good ole Google informed me.  I have three boys, so I don't really know much of the recent girly characters and shows around, other than the ones I grew up knowing and loving {like Pocahontas, Cinderella, and so on}.  So, this cake was pure excitement for me and also a rare opportunity for me to really be girly :-D

Emma's Mum knew what she wanted.  A glittery girly cake with Princess Sofia's full body.  Oh, and underneath had to be red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.  Talk about an awesome combo!!  I must say, I really enjoyed making this cake because it was magical, royal, and just girly!  I hope you like it xo

Lovely details...

Close up on Sofia the First...

Sparkle and Shine!!

Hand-painted 'Emma' xo
And here's a quick progress gif...just for fun :-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  I can't wait to show you more cake creations!!  You'll just have to wait and see in the next couple of weeks...I'm super excited!!  :-D

Have a lovely weekend guys, and see you back here next week!!

God bless!



  1. WOW!!! Jackie!!! You are so talented, what a beautiful cake!

  2. this is great. how did you make the character out of fondant look so seamless?1?!?
    My 3 year old wants a cake like this but I have no idea how I would make the character out of fondant. any tips?

    1. Thank you so much! I must admit, it did take me ages to do. The trick is to just roll your fondant very thinly and be as precise as you possibly can with your cutting :-)All the best!