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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy Birthday Stanley!!

On Monday {April 1st} we celebrated my brother-in-law Stanley's birthday.  It was just something low-key that was put together that same day...kind of like the cake I made for him.  He enjoys my chocolate cakes very much, so it was a no-brainer that I had to make him that.  To make it extra special, I added some decadent ferrero rocher chocolates and sprinkled the top with golden cachous.  As much as I wanted to make him a Warriors cake, I know how much he enjoys a simple classic cake.  Here are some pics for you to enjoy...but I couldn't decide between two names...so there are two versions here.  You decide! :-P

The pic above was taken after I added a sprinkle of golden cachous...while the pic below was taken before...

And here is a close up of the delicious ferrero rocher chocolates sitting on top of a thick layer of chocolate buttercream...

The birthday boy thoroughly enjoyed the cake and so did the rest of the family so big thumbs up for that!!  You can never go wrong with a chocolate birthday cake I say!!  Unless it's dry...:-/

One of the coolest presents Stanley got was the Warriors win against the Cowboys {20-18}.  We were all sooo happy that they finally won, after so many consecutive losses.  We kept the faith and I'm glad we did :-)

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  Can't wait to share a girly one with you next week!  Until then, keep smilin' and tell someone you love how awesome they are!!


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