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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy 29th birthday Rob!!

Hello peeps!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones!!  And I know if you're anything like me you may have had one too many chocolate eggs that you're probably feeling a wee bit guilty today :-/.  Well, I guess I just have to work harder this week...YEAH RIGHT!!

On Easter Saturday I had the pleasure of making a really cool birthday cake for my friend Irene's hubby Rob, who turned 29!!  The number I'm getting closer and closer to reaching...but for now I will keep telling my son I am only 25, hehe.  Now, this cake was quite the challenge to put together, but it was just the kind of thing I needed to keep my creative flame burning.  Rob is a Bulldogs fan, and Irene thought it would be awesome to give him a retro bulldogs jersey cake for his birthday! What a sweet wife, huh?  This would be my second NRL birthday cake to date...remember this one I made last time?  What I found to be the main challenge for this cake was making the two patches: the bulldog and the shield.  It required undivided attention and a very steady hand...which was quite hard to achieve at 3 in the morning haha!  To be honest, I don't even know what time it was, but I remember not sleeping :-/

I hope you enjoy this cake, be it your team or not :-P...I certainly loved putting it together!!

I added a personalised message on the side of the cake...

Here's a progress shot of the bulldog...

And here are some photos sent by Irene with the birthday boy :-)  Happy birthday Rob!!

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature as much as Rob and Irene did!!  Can't wait to share many more cakes with you all!!

Have a great Tuesday and see you back here tomorrow for a classic birthday cake that I made for my bro-in-law Stanley yesterday...


P.S. Did anyone watch the Warriors game last night?  I'm just so happy they FINALLY WON!!  Keepin' the faith guys!!  :-)

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