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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Sebastian!!

Yesterday was my cousin Sebastian's twelfth birthday.  A big group of us {pretty much the whole family} went to see Madagascar at the movies, then had BK for dinner afterwards.  The movie was so cool and the fact that we had the whole theatre to ourselves made it even cooler!!

Because everything was kind of planned in the last minute, I only {and barely} had time to whip up a simple birthday cake.  Seb loves Call of Duty {it's a game} and so I asked his older sister Criselda for some ideas and links to different images I could use as inspiration to get started.  Time was very limited, so I decided to just make the logo "MW3" {which stands for Modern Warfare 3}.  Even this took too much time {lol}!!  But I am glad I included it anyway because it was something  Seb happily recognised immediately :-)

A very simple last-minute cake that got sniffed within seconds after Seb blew out his birthday candles {as in actually!!!}

And here's Javs "in action" as soon as he discovered the birthday cake...lol...

Our fambam at the movies!  That's not everyone by the way! :-)

Well, there you have it!  A simple but still-pretty-cool birthday cake!!  Hope you enjoyed this post!!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for some cupcakes!!  Nom nom nom...


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