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Friday, 14 October 2011

MJ tip-toe (part 2)

Good morning peeps!  Today I would like to share with you a cake I made last month (that I totally forgot to blog).  Remember my friend Kimberley from Vibe One?  She ordered the MJ tip-toe shoe cake and the Carrier pigeon cake from me a couple of months ago?  Well, since being abroad for quite some time she wanted to surprise her dancers with a cake for her arrival.  Of course, what better than Michael Jackson himself!  Well, kind of...half of him anyway...

Here's the image she wanted me to recreate into cake, but with hot pink instead of blue.  Pretty cool, huh?
Now, here's the cake!  I hope you like it!  I added some glitz and glamour to it just to spice things up a little.  The photo doesn't really do it any justice though...oh well, it looked good up close and personal.
This cake was actually very challenging because of the intricacy of the simple-yet-very-complicated design.  If I had decided to pipe royal icing or buttercream instead of cutting every little detail out of fondant, this probably wouldn't have taken as long as it did.  But, as per usual, I had to opt for the option that was most challenging.  It's the only way I can improve on my skills, so I hardly shy away from such challenges.
Sure, it didn't turn out 'perfect' but I'm still very pleased with the final outcome!  It took such a long time and a lot of patience and careful cutting in order to achieve the 'figure'.  Glad to have experienced it so I know what to do for next time.
A small and subtle message under 'WELCOME BACK' that reads "FROM THE V1 TEAM" just adds that personal touch to the cake to make it more special.  :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I still can't believe I almost forgot to share this cake with you.  Luckily I was going through my photo archives and stumbled upon it.

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend guys!  Show some love to the All Blacks as they face the Ozzies.  You can do it boys!!


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