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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cupcake fun!

Are you all ready for a cupcake-packed Wednesday?  I hope so, 'cause that's all I have in store for you today.  Here we go...so, last week was one busy cupcake week.  To get this party started, my cousin (in-law) Trisha wanted mini chocolate cupcakes for her colleague's birthday last Tuesday.  She wanted something girly with a message that read "Happy 21st birthday MJ" (which is supposed to be a joke because her colleague is actually an older lady).  So, with some paper crafting involved, this is what I came up with...

Want to see more cupcakes?  Simply click after the break...

A cost-effective way to reuse those empty egg cartons is for mini cupcakes.  They fit perfectly and assures you that your cuppies make it to their destination unharmed.  I actually save them for forming fondant petals, too :-)  There's a practical tip from me to ya!

Trisha said the mini cupcakes were gobbled up in no time.  They loved it so much!  Yay!  In fact, one lady enjoyed it so much she rang me that very day and ordered four dozen minis for her Granddaughter's 5th birthday that weekend.  She requested chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing and something really girly with hearts.  I wanted to really make this special, so I crafted five hearts on toothpicks to represent the child's age, and a single heart with a "happy birthday" message on it.  This is what the sweet minis looked like...

 And, remember my friend Mia?  A couple of weeks ago she ordered a dozen red velvet cupcakes for her partner's birthday here.  Well, she had been craving them so much she ordered another dozen, but this time all with cream cheese frosting, for a hightea she organised with some of her girlfriends.  What fun!  I decided to dress these lovelies up in something sexy and burlesque, so I used a baroque designed cupcake wrapper for them.

Of course, I made extra so I could make some minis for myself (oh and to share, of course, hehe).  Here's the mini version of those red velvet beauties.
Just so you can reference how mini these were, I took a pic with a 20 cent coin.
And now, a step-by-step tutorial on how to undress your cupcake...

There you have it!  A cupcake-filled Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by.  See you again tomorrow for my nephew Malachi's birthday cake!


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