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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another quickie...

Hi guys!  Sorry for the late post, but today's been a busy cleaning day for me.  Plus my brother and nephew Malachi are here so I'm also playing host.  Today's cake was made on the weekend for a lovely lady named Sally.  She goes to my parents' church.  We call her Nanay (which means Mother) Sally.  She is such a nice lady and she always makes me smile.  She is super sweet and I love her to bits!

My Mum asked me to make a small cake for her.  I had been up all night working on two other cakes (which includes the All Blacks one here) that I totally forgot about this one!  I had already baked the cake though, thank goodness!  My parents came over to collect the cake and I was like "what cake?"  OH BOY!! (as my Grandmother would say).  I quickly grabbed the cake from the fridge, iced it in buttercream, then rolled some white fondant and covered that baby.  Then I quickly rolled some other coloured fondant (that I already had on hand) and grabbed my daisy cutters and cut away, placed them on the cake, piped some writing on, added a gold candle and a gold bow and VOILA!  Done baby!  All in less than ten minutes, which I think is not bad at all!!  This quickie was a lot quicker than my last one (here).  Mind you the last one was done in a car, so I had less room and materials to work with.

Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!  Please don't be too harsh now...remember, this one was a quick job!  I still loved how it turned out, though.  :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you again tomorrow!!


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