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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Basketball cake for Malachi

Good morning guys!  Thanks for dropping by.  Today I get to share with you my nephew Malachi's 6th birthday cake I made last weekend.  A couple of weeks before his birthday he requested a basketball cake.  Fortunately, nothing as complicated as his dad's cake here.  He wanted a court with a figure of him in it.  Of course, I wanted to make his birthday wishes come true.  So, starting at 6am that very day the cake was needed (at 12noon) I started his cake.  I could have started sooner but I also had another (bigger) cake to make due that morning, and those strawberry cupcakes I shared with you here due that morning, too.  Talk about overbooked!  Funny thing is, I have a diary to keep track of all my cakes so I know whether to decline or accept orders.  It's a bit different if it's family, though.  So, how did I manage to make all that?  By not sleeping of course!  (I do NOT recommend this to anyone btw - you need your sleep!)

Okay, so what did Malachi's cake look like in the end?  Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

 Unfortunately, we had a little accident with the cake on our way to Malachi's party...let's just say 'Malachi' ended up legless :-(  I know, I should have taken the figurine off the cake after snapping the pics and attached it at the party.  Lesson learnt!

Click after the break for more pics!

He's got a bit of a lean goin' on...hehe
 I also made some cupcakes - orange coloured but strawberry flavoured!  I know, it messes with ya!  My hubby couldn't eat it because he said it was wrong to eat something orange that tasted like strawberry...lol.  The kids enjoyed it, though.  :-)
And now, the birthday boy himself with some of his cousins and his cake!
 I absolutely love how happy he looks in these shots!  He has the cutest smile, don't ya think?

Malachi's excited because he scored!  Except the ball is bigger than the hoop, lol!

The cake dissected, showing its guts - chocolate with a red velvet surprise!
Well, I hope you enjoyed today's cake!  Do come back tomorrow for this week's cake finale!  It is going to be magical!!


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