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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kev's garage

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making a cake for one of my friends, Kevin (if you are reading this, happy birthday!).  His sister Kat (who happens to be my sis-in-law) asked me last week if I could make a red velvet car cake for his birthday.  She wanted to have half of his current car (which is a 1985 blue starlet) with his legs sticking out of the bottom and a sign that reads "Kev's garage".  What a cool idea!  So, with the help of google, I searched for the car and was glad to be able to find some pretty cool images online to work off.  Here are some pics I snapped quickly just before she came over to collect the cake.  Enjoy!

Close ups

In the box ready for collection
I just received a text from Kevin this morning -
Hey thank u for the cake!!  It lukd mean and tastd awsome!  I loved it:)
I'm glad you liked it Kevin!!

Well, that's it from me today guys.  I hope you enjoyed this post!  See you again tomorrow!  Have a lovely Thursday!


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